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About Us

Your Success Is Our Goal

We’re here to help you navigate and become accustomed to your new way of life. Change is never easy, even when it’s a change for the better. We’re committed to helping you make the transition to a lasting recovery.

Our Commitment

Helping You Learn to Sustain a Life of Sobriety

Our hopes for you are big and we believe we can make them a reality. We understand that for many an immediate return home after treatment is not a recipe for success. It takes a little time to learn the ins and outs of a sober lifestyle. That transition is not easy. Nor is it the same for everyone. We are committed to working with you on individual basis to develop the tools that will lead to a lasting recovery. We help you discover the strength within yourself to avoid relapsing.


Easy Access to Sober Living

Located in Central New Jersey, Destiny Place is just two miles from Trenton Airport. We are within an hour’s drive or train ride from New York and Philadelphia. For those who want to take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds us, we are located in a quiet, secluded area within walking distance of the Delaware River.

Affordable Recovery Programs

We Strive to Help Those in Need

We understand the important role a Sober Living environment can play in someone’s recovery. But while you may be interested getting help with your transition, you may have concerns regarding the cost. At Destiny Place, we believe that finances should never hinder your success at achieving and maintaining a sober lifestyle. Therefore, we strive to make our recovery programs as affordable as possible, while still maintaining the highest quality of services and care. We’ll work with you to see that you receive the help you need.

Your sobriety is hard earned!

Contact us right away to gain same day admission and experience all that Sober Living has to offer.