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Sober Living

A new way of life

Chances are you didn’t become addicted overnight. It took time for it to become a way of life.  We offer a residential living experience, free from the pressures of alcohol and drug use, that helps you establish a new, sober way of life.  With our help, you’ll successfully adopt this new lifestyle – one where you’ll find “highs” and moments of euphoria that come from within.

You have this in you.

The Benefits

A community that understands and supports you

We provide the support and accountability that guide you to a lifestyle of sobriety. You will also benefit from the power of a community where you are surrounded by peers who understand you … because they’re going through exactly the same thing.

•  Peer group interaction

•  Reinforcement of accountability
and self-esteem

•  Assitance with job search

What We Do

Keeping your recovery on track

You have beat your habit, but you have to ease into a new habit. You need to get back to your day to day life and learn the tools that will keep your recovery on track. Sober Living provides the assistance and accountability that help you master those tools.

We offer a safe, sober living environment for those seeking long term sobriety. We close the gap between treatment and returning to the challenges of day-to-day life.


Access to professionals 24-hours


12-Step based program

Open to men and women over 18


24-Hour supervision available

Supportive environment

Why Us

We work with you

Simply put, we care. We treat you as the individual you are and work with you to determine what will be most effective for you to continue your recovery. We understand the power of addiction, but we equally understand the power of sobriety and that you hold the strength within you to lead a successful life free of addiction. It’s our job to guide you to that success. At Destiny Place, you are never alone. We are your constant advocate and support in starting this new phase in your life.


12 Step Approach

Destiny Place is committed to a 12-Step philosophy. The 12 Steps will help you grow in terms of physical, emotional and mental health. They also foster spiritual (not necessarily religious) growth that is extremely beneficial. In sum, through the 12 Steps you will approach your sober lifestyle with a newfound confidence.

Long Term Stay

Destiny Place is 100% committed to providing a long-term approach that helps our clients achieve long-term sobriety. We offer an effective, affordable way for long-term Sober Living.  Our staff can work with you to create a custom living environment that works for you.

Support and Activities

  • 24-Hour Supervision
  • Weekly Drug Testing
  • “Family Day” Every Sunday
  • Weekend Activities
  • Church
  • 12 Step Meetings
  • Family Integration
  • Gym Membership Available
  • Links to Community Resources

Your sobriety is hard earned!

Contact us right away to gain same day admission and experience all that Sober Living has to offer.